Pacific 1190 Carpet Extractor

\The SELF CONTAINED EXTRACTOR is a fully self-contained, portable carpet extractor system and is intended for commercial use. A wand with external vacuum and solution hoses are not necessary with your machine, but available.

The SELF CONTAINED EXTRACTOR has a 100 psi solution pump and a four (4) jet spraying system located on the bottom side of the machine to apply solution to the carpet.
A rotating brush (16”) is driven by a cogged belt system at approximately 1200 RPM’s. This brush provides a very aggressive agitation of the solution into the carpet fibers to loosen ground-in dirt. The chevron pattern of the brush bristles channels the dirty water to the center of the aluminum vacuum head for better extraction.

The heavy duty three-stage vacuum motor is capable of 137 inches of water lift. Your SELF CONTAINED EXTRACTOR extracts virtually all of the dirty solution from the carpet fibers, which dramatically reduces drying time.

The SELF CONTAINED EXTRACTOR is very “user friendly” machines. All controls are located at the top of the handle grips, literally at your fingertips. The recovery tank drain valve is located high enough for the recovered solution to be drained into a five (5) gallon bucket or bathroom toilet.

The SELF CONTAINED EXTRACTOR is balanced on large 10″ diameter wheels for ease of operation and transporting.

The machine can be rotated 360° with relative ease, even when filled with solution.

Call for Availability 815-745-1012

**will need truck or a van to haul