Heavy Duty Degreaser


Heavy Duty Degreaser: Quickly remove grease build-up on many surfaces. One gallon makes up to 18 gallons. For best results use with agitation and pressure sprayer. Product should be diluted up 1:17 (6-8 oz per gallon water). For application with pressure sprayer, pre-dilute product 1:1 and insert chemical suction tube directly in mixed solution. For Manual washing, dilute cleaner in secondary container prior to application. Allow solution to work on surface for 5-10 minutes along with agitation prior to rinsing thoroughly. Heavy soils may require additional applications, agitation or different dilution ratio. For use on hard surfaces such as Concrete, wood, metal and many others. Safe for use with pressure sprayers, does not contain bleach.


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Gallon, Case of 4 Gallons